POWERcast: 20 Hidden Gems of Db2 for i

POWERcast: 20 Hidden Gems of Db2 for i
Speakers: Scott Forstie, Db2 for i Business Architect
Mike Stegeman, Senior Data Access Consultant
Price: Free courtesy of Helpsystems
Time: 11 AM (CST)

20 Hidden Gems of Db2 for i

Get insider tech tips on the most helpful yet underutilized features of the Db2 for i database

IBM i shops around the world rely on the Db2 for i database because it’s easy to use, has powerful features, and is integrated into your system. That said, are you using Db2 for i to its full potential?

With multiple updates each year over the last decade, the most highly publicized changes to Db2 for i functionality can overshadow some of the quieter but very valuable enhancements and features.

Don’t miss these hidden gems! Join this live webinar where Scott Forstie, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and Db2 for i Business Architect, joins the business intelligence experts from HelpSystems to share some of the best-kept secrets in Db2 for i, including:

  • A graphical interface for creating new SQL procedures or functions
  • A simple and programmatic technique for isolating SQL errors
  • A trick for being able to query a UDTF on a remote IBM i
  • And more!

Best of all, Scott provides working examples and share his unique perspective on why these diamonds in the rough should not be missed.

We look forward to having you join us March 4!

Scott Forstie
Db2 for i Business Architect

Scott Forstie is a Senior Technical Staff Member within IBM i development and spends most of his time working as the Db2 for i Business Architect. He has worked on IBM operating system development since joining IBM in 1989. Scott is a frequently published author, speaker at industry events around the globe and can be found @Forstie_IBMi and forstie@us.ibm.com. Scott is an avid runner and enjoys cooking.

Websites: http://ibm.biz/Db2foriServices, http://ibm.biz/IBMi_ACS

Mike Stegeman
Senior Data Access Consultant

Mike Stegeman is a Senior Data Access Consultant for HelpSystems, working in the Schaumburg Illinois office, outside of Chicago. He has been working with Sequel for over 10 years. Before joining the Sequel team, Mike spent some time working in public accounting, ERP Software Support, CASE tool support, was a support manager, and also an IT manager. With experience on the IBM System/36 and the AS/400 i-Series Power machines, Mike has all the pieces of the puzzle needed to assess business needs: the software, the database, and the hardware.

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