POWERcast: Running IBM Power Workloads in the Cloud

POWERcast: Running IBM Power Workloads in the Cloud
Speakers: Mike Shuler, Tom Horan, & Matthew Romero
Price: Free courtesy of Skytap
Date/Time: August 5 @ 11AM (CT)
Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean leaving behind your IBM Power workloads. In fact, it’s possible to migrate to the cloud and still run on the IBM Power platform. Cloud migrations often can be complex, and when you are faced with moving more than 29 terabytes and business critical applications quickly that challenge can be daunting. Intertek-PSI faced just this challenge when its existing data center announced plans to discontinue support for IBM Power.

Join us in this webinar to hear how Intertek-PSI was able to successfully “lift and shift” its IBM Power and x86-based business applications to run on the cloud on IBM Power9.. Our experts will discuss how this was all accomplished under tight deadlines with minimal downtime and low impact to users. We will also cover how the move has improved performance, reliability, and disaster recovery capabilities for the same or lower cost -- along with why Intertek-PSI thinks it should have migrated sooner.

This webinar covers:
  • The business situation driving the move
  • The steps Skytap and Meridian IT took to complete the migration smoothly andon time
  • The results Intertek-PSI acheived

Speaker Bios:

Mike Schuler, Enterprise Cloud Architect, Meridian IT
Mike Schuler is one of Meridian IT’s Enterprise Cloud Architects.  Mike is viewed within Meridian’s organization as a technical “Fixer” and gets brought in on our most difficult and complex engagements. Over the years he’s had roles as a Systems Administrator, Backup Administrator and consultant in cloud architectures. He has expertise in developing processes for automation and management of systems, analyzing workloads, and finding the optimal placement of that workload.

Currently Mike is focused on helping customers understand the available deployment models, select the solution that is the best fit for their needs, and serving as the lead architect in deploying the solution.  


Tom Horan, VP Cloud and Managed Services, Meridian IT
Tom Horan is the VP, Cloud and Managed Services at Meridian IT Inc, a leading worldwide provider of technology solutions.  He specializes in helping companies select the right deployment model for their IBM Power systems, which enables them to protect their data, maintain business continuity, and increase overall performance.  Tom has worked with hundreds of companies, from large Fortune 500 companies to small and medium size organizations. He has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, with 11+ years dedicated to managed services and cloud computing.


Matthew Romero, Technical Evangelist, Skytap
Matthew Romero is an experienced, passionate, infrastructure specialist. Working alongside core industry experts for many years, they have built a strong reputation as a deep subject matter expert for core infrastructure technologies, including Virtualization, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud, along with Systems and Operational Management. They enjoy putting their broad knowledge base and field experience for technology into engaging narratives that are distilled from a variety of sources. This content directly speaks to an end users’ needs and articulates deep technical concepts through concise storytelling, which creates compelling business value content and a better user experience.

8/5/2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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