POWERCast: 5 Ways to Modernize IBM i Monitoring

POWERCast: 5 Ways to Modernize IBM i Monitoring
Speakers: Lloyd Ramdarie, SEA
Price: Free Courtesy of Software Engineering of America
Date/Time: February 2, 2023 @ 11:00AM (CT)
IBM i monitoring is more than just sending messages when events occur. 


The need for advanced IBM i monitoring capabilities and modernization has exploded well beyond what was needed ten years ago, and much more than was needed in the 1990s when i monitoring systems were initially created on the AS/400. 


Just as you need to modernize user interfaces, you also need to modernize your IBM i monitoring systems for response, auditing, regulatory, user and SLA requirements. 


Join SEA on Thursday, February 2nd where we discuss the latest advanced monitoring techniques and how they can help you modernize your IBM i monitoring environments by:


  • Improving monitoring alerts & escalations, and creating a higher degree of automation in the message response process  
  • Administering and monitoring multiple IBM i systems from a single dashboard for organizations, cloud providers and MSPs
  • Integrating IBM i monitoring with service desk platforms such as ServiceNow and PagerDuty
  • Supporting Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication requirement for users receiving IBM i email alerts
  • Integrating with Security Information and Event Systems (SIEMs) and log management solutions for enterprise-wide forensics & analysis
  • Providing advanced reporting capabilities for management, auditors and regulators

Join SEA & Lloyd Ramdarie on February 2nd, as they show you how to effectively integrate and modernize your IBM i monitoring systems.

Lloyd Ramdarie, SEA

2/2/2023 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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