POWERCast: Malware on Power Servers: Breaking Down the Myth

POWERCast: Malware on Power Servers: Breaking Down the Myth
Speakers: Sandi Moore, Fortra
Price: Free Courtesy of Fortra
Date/Time: January 31, 2023 @ 1:00PM (CT)

Even with today’s advanced malware, many IT pros don’t believe their Power servers are at risk. The truth is malicious programs affect every OS.

To keep your data secure and your systems up and running, it’s critical to grasp the true impact malware can have on Power servers and the network that connects to them.

Join this live webinar to learn where the danger lies and how you can protect your systems. Power security expert Sandi Moore will discuss real-world examples of malware attacks on IBM i, and provide effective tactics for avoiding infections. She’ll cover:

  • How malware and viruses have successfully infiltrated Power systems
  • Why some of the most common malware solutions often leave Power servers vulnerable
  • Expert tips for securing your systems

Sandi Moore, Lead Solutions Engineer, Fortra

Sandi has been working with Fortra customers for over 15 years supporting systems monitoring and security software. With experience on IBM i, AIX, and Linux, she has been involved in product demonstrations, implementation, support, training, research, and product testing.

In her time at Fortra, Sandi has helped customers understand how to effectively address the threats they face. Her goal is to help people achieve the best solution to their IT problems, no matter how many servers are in their environment or where in the world they’re located.

Organizations throughout the public and private sectors have relied on Sandi’s expertise, whether they’re seeking to proactively protect their systems or improve security controls after a malware attack. Sandi has shared her knowledge at multiple user group conferences, including COMMON.

1/31/2023 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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