Simplified IBM i disaster recovery for a complex world
Speaker: Dan Magid and Mark Watts 
Rocket iCluster high-availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solutions help ensure uninterrupted operation for your IBM i applications, providing continuous access by monitoring, identifying and self-correcting replication problems. An intuitive user interface simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting, making it easy for any member of your IT team to run and operate iCluster with confidence.

Join Rocket experts and learn how you can meet users’ increasing demands for system resilience and high availability of critical applications. You’ll learn:

• How a major retailer leveraged Rocket iCluster to minimize planned and unplanned downtime ($60K/minute)
• How you can reduce your IBM i total cost of ownership with a more user-friendly solution
• Why pricing based on a per-server basis, rather than a per-LPAR or CPW rating basis, helps you to maximize your budget
• How flexible licensing and pricing options can work in your specific environment
• How iCluster complements IBM PowerHA to extend replication across larger distances

As a 20+ year IBM partner, we know and love IBM i—we know how they work and we know how to help you optimize your investment.