Generational Dynamics - Playing Your Part in Bridging the Gaps
Speaker: Larry Bolhuis, Richie Palma
Let's face it folks, the IBM i community may be ground zero for the generational GAP. We hear it all the time, they don't understand, they never listen, we can't do that, it's just not that easy, we don't need that, and the chalkboard scratcher, we have always done it that way. When there are differences that span generations, we tend to blame problems on age, It's a convenient villain and lets us off the hook from doing anything, because we have no control over someones age. What would our workplaces be like if we embraced the diversity and celebrated individual strengths of our multigenerational teams?

In this session, Larry Bolhuis (Boomer) and Richie Palma (Millennial) will look at this heavy topic from two very different angles. We will walk out of the session with a better understanding of what shaped each generation, how we can bridge the generational gap, and what cross-generational collaboration can do for you, your team, your company, and our beloved IBM i operating system.