Best Practices for Improving IBM i Password Security and Automation
Speaker: Mel Zucker 
With the increasing amount of restrictions and rules set in place for passwords, taking the time to implement and move to a higher password security level in your IBM i environment is a critical component to enhancing overall system security as well as allow your company to keep up with password standards.

Join us Thursday, February 21st at 1pm EST, as we discuss ways you can improve your IBM i password security to meet newer requirements, as well as how you can automate the password reset process once elevated guidelines and standards are in place.

In This Webinar We:

Discuss different levels of password security and key considerations when moving to stronger password security levels on the IBM i
Password Requirements for Regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR
Explain how automated password reset solutions works with your policies
Learn about the potential costs and time used with manual password reset
Discuss best features to consider in an automated password reset solution