Tips and Tricks to Improve System Performance and Save Disk Space
Speaker: Pete Massiello
What can you do to stop the rampant growth of data that's eating up disk space? How do you improve system performance? Come to this session to find out how to make the most out of your existing configuration by leveraging the many optimization and cleanup techniques that are a part of i5/OS, including reorganization of physical files, sharing of access paths, and using the DISKTASK command. Pinpoint how to reduce your disk I/O by reorganizing files and clean up your system using the Retrieve Disk Information (RTVDSKINF) and Retrieve Directory Information (RTVDIRINF) commands. Learn how sharing access paths can reduce disk utilization and memory faulting. Know your options for reorganizing your files while your users continue to access them.

Learning Objectives:
1) Understand some easy ways to gain performance with reorganization of physical files.
2) How to find objects on your system that are growing or that you aren't using.
3) Optimization of other objects on your system.